RV Destinations Vision

RV Destinations Magazine is a bi-monthly digital magazine about RV camping, destination travel, and photography combined into one pretty amazing magazine. This magazine is designed to tug at the travel heart-strings of the RVer and camper; to inspire you to get out and explore. If you see an amazing landscape picture and instantly get a burning desire to load up your RV, travel trailer, or tent and hit the road, then RV Destinations is the right magazine for you. It's written for the RVer but designed for anyone possessing the spirit for travel.

RV Destinations is a quarterly publication chocked full of incredible content. Each issue will boast approximately 150 to 200 pages of valuable content including our regular features, stunning imagery and so much more.

Regular Features:

  • Campground and Resort Spotlight - we look for campgrounds and RV Resorts that offer unique amenities, a great location, a great community atmosphere, and ease of navigating the park. These are the parks and resorts you can't wait to visit again and again!

  • Photography Tips and Tricks - capturing memories is a must for any traveler and we give you tips and tricks for capturing those memories the best way possible. From setting the scene to adjusting the exposure to reviewing equipment and new photo techniques. We even offer tips and tricks for the mobile phone photographer too!

  • RVD Q&A - a great column where our readers respond to our questions. What is your favorite way to camp? Where has been your favorite location to travel? Tune in to read what your fellow RVers have to say.

  • Featured Destination - here we immerse you into an area to give you details on everything you need to know about a location. Things to do, places to visit, the best camping spots, great hiking trails, tasty dining options, and more! We then give the destination the highest of honors; the RVD Score, letting you in on price, value, entertainment, and photo ops.

  • "Where in the World is Hailey?" - Follow Hailey Groo and her beloved pup Pip as they travel across the country in her newly purchased RV writing about their adventures across North America!

Our wish for you the reader? “We created RV Destinations Magazine for the traveler and adventurer. For those who want to explore new places and revisit the familiar with a new eye. We designed this magazine to make our readers want to get out, explore and memorialize the world around them, with tips on places to see, things to do, and tricks for photographing it the best.


We are available on the App Store, Google Play, and MAGSFAST Store. In the near future, we will be expanding to a desktop version and Amazon.


We are a registered publication with the Library of Congress under ISSN 2692-2851.