Special Features:

Featured Destination

In the Featured Destination, we immerse you into an area to give you details on everything you need to know about a location. Things to do, places to visit, the best camping spots, great hiking trails,  tasty dining options, and more! Then we give the destination the highest of honors; the RVD score, letting you in on price, value, entertainment, and photo ops. What better way to choose the next destination for you and your family!

"Where in The World is Hailey?"

Hailey Groo, writer and traveler extraordinaire, purchases an RV and travels across the country sharing her experiences with you. Join her each issue to see “Where in the World Is Hailey” as she grows from simple “SUV RVing” to bigger setups and farther destinations from her home state of Colorado, all with her trusted co-pilot, Pip the Chihuahua-mix, by her side.

Campground and Resort Spotlight

Are you looking for a hidden gem of a campground to take your family to this weekend? Look no further! For a campground to make it into our Spotlight, we look for things like unique amenities, a great location, a great community atmosphere, and ease of navigating the park. These are truly the parks and resorts you can't wait to visit again and again.

RV Destinations Photography Tips and Tricks

RVers love to travel, and love to document their travels through photos. Professional photographers will walk you through tips and tricks to help capture your memories the best way possible. From setting the scene and adjusting exposure to reviewing equipment and new photo techniques. And no fret - even if you don't own a DSLR camera, we offer tips and tricks for the mobile phone photographer too!


This is where our readers respond to RV Destinations questions. What is your favorite way to camp? Where has been your favorite location to travel? Tune in each issue to see how your fellow RVers respond to our Q&A of the issue!