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Digital magazines have turned traditional print on its head. Advertising costs, design, and distribution channels have had to quickly adjust to the new markets as a result. Historically, print magazines have used a complex equation to determine the cost of an advertising piece. Items such as ad size, demand, color runs, and frequencies all factored in the end cost of an advertisement. Today that has all changed.

RVD is an RV and photography magazine; we will showcase stunning images and have valuable content to share with our readers and don't want to detract from this vision. We plan to partner with companies that are aligned with our mission and are related to our content. Our opinion is less is more when it comes to advertising and has made a corporate decision to make the advertising process and cost simple.


We offer only full-page advertising pieces, which allows for easy pricing and design. Each issue's advertising pages will be limited to 5% of the total magazine pages.  


A single 768x1024 full page ad runs $1,000.

We offer discounts for additional advertisements:

1 ad - $1,000

2 ads - 10% off

3 ads - 15% off

4 or more ads - 25% off

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