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Pirateland Camping Resort-South Myrtle Beach's Mega Resort

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

PirateLand Family Camping Resort, South Myrtle Beach Mega RV Resort

Are you looking for a beach destination where you can take your RV and the entire family? PirateLand in South Myrtle Beach is just the place. It may not be the most luxurious RV resort, but it's perfect if you’re on the lookout for good old-fashioned family fun in the sun.

We typically prefer camping in campgrounds or boondocking spots that are nestled away in a remote place. We yearn for beautiful scenery, hiking and avoiding large crowds of people. We love to unplug and get away from it all. If you're like us, you may want to stop reading. I mean, why would we write about a campground that on an average summer day may have 6,000 RVers screaming through the campground on their decorated golf carts with giant inflatables strapped to the top? Despite the fanfare, let's say that we were extremely impressed with PirateLand and can see the attraction for young RVing families.

PirateLand is a mega campground that’s located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in South Myrtle Beach. With more than 739 full hookup sites, 89 vacation rentals and 654 annual rentals, this resort is enormous, especially by our standards. It hasn't always been this large, however.

According to PirateLand's website, its humble beginnings started in July 1966, with a mere 75 water and electric sites. The owners leased land from the amusement park next door aptly named PirateLand Amusement Park, and, as part of the lease agreement, were required to call the campground PirateLand.

While the amusement park is long gone, PirateLand remains bigger and better than ever. It boasts an Olympic-size pool, lazy river and a 5,000-square-foot pirate ship splash pool. You can also find an onsite camp store stocked full of all the groceries and supplies you might need. For the outdoor activity enthusiasts, there's putt-putt at Blackbeard's Miniature Golf and paddleboat or kayak rentals that journey through the small lakes and waterways mazing their way throughout the park. When your tummy starts rumbling, visit Hog Heaven, an on-site food truck offering barbecue every Sunday and Wednesday or shrimp night every Tuesday and Friday. If that's not your taste, you can stop by for a burger and ice cream at the Captain's Galley Arcade/Snack Bar. With all of these amenities, PirateLand is genuinely a small city of RVers designed never to leave.

One of the most intriguing services PirateLand offers is RV storage. The concept of RV storage isn't unique; however, what the PirateLand staff will do for a small charge is pretty cool. Imagine all that goes into packing up the car, kids and dog. You arrive at the park late, and all the kids want to do is play and explore. Your spouse wants a cold drink in her hand. And the dog wants to run around and stretch its legs. But you still need to unhook the camper and set up camp. That can take some time. Imagine this: You arrive at PirateLand and your RV has been completely set up. Slides are out; the AC is on; and water, sewer, electric and cable are hooked up. Your only task is to step out of your car and grab that cold drink. Vacation has begun! Once you're ready to leave, a quick call to the office is all that's needed. Staff will break down your RV and place it back in storage for you. All you're responsible for is packing up the car and heading home—another great vacation in the books. Kudos to PirateLand. What an excellent service to the fellow RVer.

This article would be incomplete if we didn't talk about the golf carts. PirateLand doesn't allow personal golf carts on-premise, so leave yours at home. However, they do offer rentals for your entire stay. With almost 1,500 camping spots and rentals, the preferred mode of transportation for this enormous park is the electric golf cart. The golf carts' popularity has evolved over the years into a unique nightly parade. Every night as the sun sets, scores of decked-out golf carts congregate along the ocean drive. You'll find floats of all sizes strapped to the roofs, PA speakers mounted blaring all generations of music and themed golf carts (our favorite was the skeleton pirates). Parade-watchers enjoy a daily dose of golf cart fun, topped with some free candy distributed along the way. This one-of-a-kind parade is fun for the entire family. You can choose to pull up a chair and watch the parade or decorate your own and join in the fun. Either way, it's quite the spectacle.

When speaking with the marketing director, we discovered that 85% of the campers at PirateLand are repeat customers. And when we say repeat, we mean repeat for many years. Generation after generation of families continue to make PirateLand their annual summer trip. During our stay, we heard of grandparents going as kids, then going back with their kids, and then with the kids' kids. On one of our walks, we stopped and chatted with a family that had 30 RVs stretched across the park, all of whom were family members and friends who made PirateLand their annual family vacation. PirateLand is a fun family destination. If you prefer off-the-beaten-path or adult-only locations, then this resort isn't for you. But if you have children and want a fun RV beach destination with amenities onsite, then PirateLand is a perfect resort for you and your family.

For more infromation: www.pirateland.com

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