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Where to stay when visiting Sedona? Look no further!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Campground and Resort Spotlight -Rancho Sedona RV Park

Sedona, AZ

Nestled behind Oak Creek and downtown Sedona on ten shady acres, is Rancho Sedona RV Park. The park has been family-owned by the same family for more than 80 years, and the care and attention of the family and staff can be witnessed throughout the park. The park welcomes visitors with meticulously maintained grounds; beautiful landscaping; and well-manicured, lush green grass. I can easily say that Rancho Sedona is one of the most beautifully sustained RV parks we’ve visited. Large sycamore and cottonwood trees create a shady canopy over much of the park and also provide a nesting site for the great blue heron. Their clucking and ticking sounds add to the ambiance of the RV park and make for exciting birdwatching and “digiscoping.” Wide driveways and easy-to-back-into sites make navigating a snap. The park is made up of 99 sites, including 14 sites that are dedicated to monthly and long-term rentals, as well as a section dedicated only to adults. For those wanting more privacy, site 84 and the Hilltop are situated away from other sites; the Hilltop even offers a large, grassy private side yard. Located throughout the park are several places to sit and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness. Action seekers will appreciate the park’s offering of tetherball, horseshoes, volleyball court and a pet run for your furry companions. The park doesn’t host group activities such as crafts, bingo or tai chi because, according to the owner, the clientele consists of those getting out and exploring all that Sedona and the surrounding area has to offer.

You’ll find staff throughout the park, completing daily cleaning, primping and pruning. Every staff member we encountered was incredibly nice, asking about our day with a smile on their faces. I stopped in the bathhouse to check out the facilities, and the staff cleaning the bathrooms answered all my questions, even giving me a quick tour of the squeaky clean two-shower, two-toilet bathhouse. Located in between the men’s and women’s bathhouse is a well-equipped laundry room, complete with folding tables and vending machine that sells detergent and fabric softener.

While the weather in Sedona is typically perfect, if you happen to be in town on one of the 59 days that experiences some form of precipitation, you can swing by the front office to borrow a DVD, game or exchange a book. The office also offers restaurant and activity recommendations, with binders full of menus and information on the surrounding area. There’s also a small shelf of essential RV supplies if you happen to forget jack pads or need a new sewer hose.

They say location is everything in real estate, and Rancho Sedona has one of the best locations in town. Located within a short walking distance to shopping, restaurants, galleries and trail heads galore, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. Traveling with two active dogs, we appreciate Sedona’s dog friendliness and the ability to walk our dogs in town, as well as on the trails. Just a short drive or walk up Schnebly Hill Road right outside the park takes you to several trail heads and some great 4x4-ing opportunities. Access points in the RV park to Oak Creek offer fishing; swimming; or an ideal place to sit back, relax and dip your toes in the cool waters.

While the park doesn’t necessarily experience a slow season, there are a few weeks in early December and parts of January when the park is around half-capacity. August sees a little downtick in RVers in the park, as kids are heading back to school. Outside of that, the park is almost always full, and the owners recommend making reservations well in advance. If you have a particular date in mind, they recommend a year in advance to ensure you get the date and spot you want. Their website features an interactive park map complete with site pictures for those on the lookout for a perfect home away from home while visiting Sedona.

Rancho Sedona has a few more rules than other parks we’ve visited, and, admittedly, we were a bit intimidated at first. No barking dogs, no fires (including propane fire rings), and sewer hoses must be supported and off the ground, even while drying out. No outside lights on after 10pm, and mandated quiet time from 10pm to 7am; the park asks RVers to be inside their rigs during those hours. Fortunately, we never felt the strain of any of these rules. We learned that Sedona is a dark spot, which is the reason for lights out after 10pm. And if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that rules are in place to prevent future problems. These rules are what help Rancho Sedona remain the quiet, respected and beautiful oasis that it is.



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