RVshare is connecting RV owners and RV renters one road trip at a time

Families everywhere want to rent an RV and taste the open road for themselves. Meanwhile, the average family’s RV will sit unused for approximately 90% of the year. RVshare is here to bring RV renters and RV owners together. If you want the comforts of home while getting up close and personal with the beautiful world around you, an RV rental is the best place to start.

Renters can use the filters to find the RV that perfectly fits what they are looking for. Whether that be a pet-friendly Class C for the family, or a Pop-Up Camper for a romantic getaway, RVshare has you covered. Plus with delivery available, even those who may not wish to drive or tow a vehicle can still enjoy the convenience of RV camping.

Earn extra income

RV owners that list with RVshare can make upwards of $40,000 in supplemental income. With the best, most intuitive platform and tools, owners can start making real money from their RV. Customize your listing in order to highlight what makes your RV special, why you love it, and any amenities included. Listing your RV is free and you are in control of your business: set the dates it is available, how many days it can be rented for, mileage restrictions and more. 

RVshare makes sure you get maximum exposure, reaching millions of renters across the country. You can list your RV with confidence knowing renter verification and insurance coverage are included. Speak with their support team 24/7 should you ever need assistance with your listing.

Travel inspiration

RVshare sets out to inspire RV owners and renters alike to get outside and explore more of the country. They create in-depth guides to national and state parks, local guides, top campgrounds and more. Plus their blog is a great resource for owner and renter tips, rv maintenance, and travel destinations. They believe the RV life should be available and enjoyed by everyone, and seek to make it as accessible as possible.

The Future of RVing

With the pandemic came much uncertainty around traveling. As people have turned to nature as a way to get out of their homes and explore safely, RV travel has been on a steep incline. Travelers are drawn towards a self-contained means of travel with amenities like a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen all on-board. RVshare has partnered with TaskRabbit to make it easy for owners to hire cleaners to keep their RVs clean and sanitized between rentals.


In September, RVshare reached the milestone of two million days booked for RV trips since the company’s inception. The site has doubled their seven-year booking total in a short 13 months,, with no signs of slowing down this fall. RVshare is passionate about RV owners expanding their businesses, and renters experiencing the trip of a lifetime.